Robb Report – Car of the Year
Robb Report AU/NZ
Royal Automobile Club Australia, Cooks Co-op, Lilianfels Blue Mountains & The View by Sydney.
Event Type
2 day Drive event
Event partners
Robb Report Longroup • Glenfiddich & St Hugo.
EU Management
Full event management and execution • Venue and Menu selection • Creative and Decor Direction
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Exclusive in its own right, Car of the Year is a time-honored and anticipated yearly event showcasing a small selection of prestigious vehicles that even the enthusiast will gloat to be a part of. Slowly becoming a Robb Report tradition, Events unlimited planned and coordinated a 2-day event, in both Melbourne and Sydney in which each High Net Worth attendees navigated throughout a series of luxury meals, opulent accommodation, unforgettable drives and undemocratised luxury; making all a part of the experience.

Events unlimited created a multileveled platform of events which immersed the judges into the ‘experience’ that is Car of the Year.

EU Service inclusions:
Full Event Management & Execution • Venue Selection • Menu Selection • Entertainment Selection • Creative Direction • Decor Direction • Sound & Light Engineering • Event Styling